The NMEF, since the beginnning in 1998 carries out every summer prospecting trainings in all the inuit communities of Nunavik. Prospecting trainings are part of the NMEF principal objectives as to promote the mineral potential of Nunavik and support the involvement of Nunavik communities concerning the mining development of the region. Each village had received such training since the NMEF creation in 1998. As part of the main objectives of the NMEF, this trainings initiate the participants to mining exploratiion rospecting in a real-life scenario. The NMEF can rely on the local employment officer's network that is established in the communities for applicant referral. All participants are provided with basic prospecting equipment. Each prospecting camp is scheduled for a period of about ten days, while the trainees learn to:

  • Identify different types of rocks and minerals; learn their use in real life;
  • Be familiar with compass, GPS and location maps;
  • Use geophysical instruments (Beep-Mat, scintillometer);
  • Plan sampling traverses;
  • Perform sampling of rock, soil and stream;
  • Produce prospecting report, labelling samples;
  • Develop trenching on outcrops and channel sampling

Prospecting trainings are conducted on the land, in the vicinity of each community. The NMEF prospectig training program is also supported by the financial involvement of the EMployment Training of the KRG.

Prospecting trainings have made the reputation of the NMEF all over the years, and are very important for the Nunavimmiut youth.

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