Since the NMEF creation in 1998, the NMEF is doing exploration projects along with mining companies working in the Nunavik.

Grass-root exploration projects are initiated by the NMEF and aimed at various commodities. The target selections are based on the nstudy of geoscientifical database (as the MRn public database) or on significant results from previous prospecting projects.

The projects are conducted on NMEF properties linked by business-partnership agreements.

In 2013, the NMEF carried two exploration projects:

  • A prospecting survey with Virginia Mines Inc. along with IOS Geoservices (Kuujjuaq project).
  • the NMEF field team could assess the mineral potential of Kuujjuaq area by completing a regional sampling survey by helicopter. Over a week, the team visited and sampled mineralized occurences and ashowings located in non-claimed areas.

In 2015, a new agreement with Osisko Baie-James was signed for the Baleine project:

  • The Baleine Project has for objectives to re-sample the Baleine showing (Cu-Ag, Simard et al, 2013) and delineate its extension. The property is located 67 km east of Kuujjuaq in the NTS 24J03 and comprised 9 claim cells. It is located within Category II land of the Nayumivik Landholding Corporation of Kuujjuaq.